200 thousand for Xiaomi, a million for iPhone. How much do collectible gadgets cost?

We recently wrote that a Pokémon collection card went for six million rubles. The thing is its rarity – experts say that there are no more than seven of them in the whole world. Collectors are ready to give crazy amounts for seemingly useless things. Including for gadgets. We have collected five of the most interesting cases when people paid for equipment ten times more than its nominal value.

200 thousand for Xiaomi

How much do collectible gadgets cost?

No, it’s not about the space modification of Mi Mix Alpha. They offered to layout such an amount for one of the prototypes of Mi Note 3, the 2017 model. There are many differences from the release version: the concept has a curved display, a vertical rear camera, as well as a more durable battery.

The seller of a rare phone claims that there are only three such copies in the world. So, after a couple of decades, the smartphone can be resold favorably. Unless, of course, Xiaomi itself does not lose ground during this time.

Million dollars for iPhone 4

How much do collectible gadgets cost?

Here the story is similar, only the stakes are ten times higher. In 2011, a unique lot appeared on eBay: a pre-release version of iPhone 4. The mobile phone did not have an engraving on the volume buttons, and the number DF1692 flaunted on the case. This is the code for the employee who owned the prototype. The iPhone was assigned a starting price of $ 810.

Whether the seller on eBay was the same Apple employee is unclear. As well as what eventually happened with the device. When the amount from $ 810 rose to $ 1 million, the site administration blocked the deal. Has anyone really become a dollar millionaire?

$ 1.4 thousand for Meizu

How much do collectible gadgets cost?

Against the background of other examples, 1.4 thousand dollars – the amount is ridiculous. However, Meizu requested so much not for rarity or prototype, but for a standard gadget. Well, almost standard – such a price tag, the company from the Celestial Empire pulnula to the collector’s edition Meizu 17 Pro.

The main difference from the usual device: the beautiful color of the back cover and … the cup that comes with the kit. More specifically, a tea bowl made by Hsiao Fang, a respected Chinese ceramic manufacturer.

Skin for a rifle in CS: GO for 100 thousand dollars

How much do collectible gadgets cost?

As you know, wealth can be digital. CS: GO weapon skins trading has long been a respectable business and a respected business. Recently, another record happened in this area: the appearance for the M4A4 rifle was sold for one hundred thousand dollars. 

True, the buyer gave six million rubles not to flaunt weapons in front of his teammates. A rare skin he intends to resell. 

Broken Apple Watch with Death Star instead of logo 

How much do collectible gadgets cost?

We will finish the release with a priceless little thing – literally because no one has ever voiced the value of this thing. One collector got the early prototypes of the Apple Watch, created a year before their serial release. The clock did not turn on, and the screen left much to be desired. But instead of an “apple” on the case flaunted something similar to the “Death Star”. Due to these differences, the collector hopes to profitably resell accessories.

Would you pay millions for prototypes of iconic devices if you had free money?

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