New design and OPPO Relax. Nine ColorOS 7.1 Shell Features

ColorOS 7.1 is the recently released branded shell of OPPO smartphones. There are many differences from its predecessors: from design to new features and security improvements. We figure out what chips and amenities are notable for the current version of the launcher.

Rethought design

The appearance of the system this time significantly redesigned. The design changes are obvious: the icon icons are redrawn, the appearance of the notification panel has changed. The ColorOS 7.1 interface looks more modern than the previous version and is stylistically more seasoned.

ColorOS 7.1
On the left is the ColorOS 6.1 home screen, on the right is the new ColorOS 7.1. As they say, feel the difference

If the appearance of the icons is not pleasant, it is easy to change it in the settings. Several design options are available, the size of the icons and the type of rounding of the corners are also adjustable.

ColorOS 7.1
In the “Customize Icon Style” menu we personalize the appearance of the icons to your liking

The shell design is customizable with the help of new wallpapers and widgets, you can also change the grid of the desktop. Below are a few examples of how the home screen on a smartphone with preinstalled ColorOS 7.1 is able to look:

ColorOS 7.1
Three desktop design options, while the main theme of the design remains unchanged

The settings menu has also been redone. Orientation in the latter has become easier when compared with its predecessor. The abbreviations in the description of the options disappeared, the layout of the items changed, the switches became larger:

ColorOS 7.1
In ColorOS 7.1 (on the right), the settings section has become more visible

Transferring data from an old smartphone

Setting up a new smartphone and transferring all photos, contacts, and messages from the old one to it in Color OS 7.1 is easy using the special function, which provides several ways to copy data. Thus, you can “clone” not only any Android-smartphone but also iPhone. For the former, in most cases, it is enough to recognize the QR code from the screen of the new OPPO, and then press the “Forward” button and mark with daws what specific data should be copied. iPhone cloning is done by importing data into the cloud, by code. It is sent to the “apple” smartphone via SMS from the “Copy Phone” application on OPPO. 

ColorOS 7.1

Meditate with your smartphone.

Those who want to relax and relax from the hustle and bustle will like the preinstalled utility OPPO Relax. The application reproduces the sounds of nature, plays relaxing music, and tells you how to do simple breathing exercises. It is stated that OPPO Relax helps not only relax but also to establish a dream or to concentrate. A pleasant melody is accompanied by beautiful animation.

ColorOS 7.1

Advanced management

Many are already used to minimizing the application or returning to the previous display with a simple gesture. OPPO went further and expanded the options for user interaction with a smartphone. In ColorOS 7.1, the traditional Android 10 controls are complemented by their own gestures. For example, it is comfortable to take screenshots with a swipe with three fingers. And if you draw an O or V symbol on an inactive screen, the camera or flash will fire, respectively. Available and unlock the phone with a gesture. For example, when you drag your finger across the display.

ColorOS 7.1
A wide selection of gestures is available in the settings, many can be set independently

Also, ColorOS 7.1 suggests using a quick action button, which can be located on the left or right side of the screen. With its help, it is easy to go back, minimize applications, and even lock the display:

As with most recent firmware, Color OS 7.1 has a split-screen mode. It is especially useful on large smartphones such as the OPPO A72 – you can watch YouTube at the same time and, say, chat on WhatsApp. The mode turns on unusually and, in our opinion, is more convenient than in other shells. To activate it, you need to make a swipe with three fingers up.

ColorOS 7.1

Convenient sidebar

If some program is often used, you should add it to the side panel, which in ColorOS 7.1 is called by a swipe from the edge of the screen. This is easier than flipping through the menu in search of the desired game, calculator, or notes. The panel tab is edited; it is easy to place several application shortcuts of your choice on it. Another nice feature of the sidebar is a quick action call. You can literally record gameplay or take a screenshot with the flick of a finger.

ColorOS 7.1

Go to the dark side

For devices with AMOLED panels, a dark theme is a good option to extend battery life. Some users like it when the interface is designed in strict black tones. But if some applications do not support such a design, a stylistic disagreement results. In ColorOS 7.1, this problem is absent: the built-in services also change their appearance when switching to a dark theme. This applies to third-party utilities, such as instant messengers and social network clients that support this feature. When changing the design from light to dark, the system design remains consistent.

ColorOS 7.1
Screenshots of ColorOS 7.1 with Active Dimming

Do everything in time and do it right

“Smart Assistant” is built into the ColorOS 7.1 shell – a proprietary assistant that facilitates the management of the gadget and provides quick access to various functions. So it’s easy to find out the exact weather forecast or your physical activity – for example, the number of steps per day, week, or month. Access to your favorite contacts is also conveniently done through the assistant tab. There is a quick application call. You can start the currency converter with one click or scan a working document.

ColorOS 7.1
The “Smart Assistant” tab can be called up with a swipe to the left of the desktop

The Smart Driving option will be useful to many: the device will connect to the car Bluetooth headset, and if necessary send a message to the recipient after rejecting the call. All notifications from applications are blocked so that while driving nothing distracts the driver from the road.

ColorOS 7.1
Interface for motorists in ColorOS 7.1. It’s easy to block notifications and calls, there are automatic answering settings

Privacy provided

Digital security worries many. High-profile cases of personal data leaks make us think about how much information programs collect about us. OPPO took care of this by strengthening the protective measures in the ColorOS 7.1 shell. You can prevent certain services from accessing the Internet and set a password that must be entered when entering certain utilities. Another useful feature – a smartphone will warn the owner that some application is trying to record sound or video in the background. And in the settings, it’s easy to limit advertising targeting by device ID on the network – then the ads will be impersonal, without information about the recipient. Another technology for protecting private data is the proprietary keyboard. She does not collect or store any information about the owner of the phone.

ColorOS 7.1
Security section in ColorOS 7.1 Shell

Parental control and digital well-being

ColorOS 7.1 has a “Child mode”. It sets the duration of the child’s use of the gadget (say, the session is limited to 30 minutes), only access to certain applications is set, or the cellular network is turned off. As a result, the addicted child will not make an in-game purchase and will not go to a dubious page on the Internet. Parental controls through the Family Link app allow you to remotely control the OPPO smartphone your child is using and set limits as necessary.

ColorOS 7.1
ColorOS 7.1 has advanced adjustments so that parents can control how the child uses the phone

We also note the function of digital well-being. It displays statistics on the use of the device and allows you to adjust the operation of applications that distract attention. A good option for those who do not let the device out of their hands, sticking in social networks, and do not always know how to focus on other matters.

ColorOS 7.1
Settings for digital well-being. Detailed daily statistics and various timers are available.


Gaming features

In ColorOS 7.1, you can enable productive mode before starting a resource-intensive game. At the same time, battery consumption increases, but the system gives out increased power and disables energy-saving functions. Gamers should pay attention to the built-in utility “Games”. It optimizes installed releases and blocks annoying notifications. It’s easy to even hide game icons from the application menu if there are too many of them. The outgoing proprietary shell of OPPO smartphones. There are many differences from its predecessors: from design to new features and security improvements. We figure out what features and amenities are noteworthy.

ColorOS 7.1
This is what the game settings interface looks like in ColorOS 7.1. All releases are collected in one place.

We checked all the features of the system on the smartphone OPPO A72. The device is interesting not only OSes. It has a capacious 5000 mAh battery, and a fingerprint scanner is on the side. Another novelty works on ColorOS 7.1 – OPPO A52. She looks like an older model to everyone. Her cameras are simpler, but the price is less.

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