Civilization VI and For Honor Now Temporarily Free On Steam

For those having a boring weekend, we recommend you take a couple of games in Civilization VI and warm up in the medieval fighting game For Honor. As luck would have it, strategy from Firaxis Games and multiplayer action from Ubisoft just became temporarily free on Steam digital distribution service.

For Honor

Civilization VI and For Honor can be downloaded from their respective pages in the Valve Store. All progress will be saved even after the end of the promotion. During the Free Weekend, both games and select add-ons are up to 75% off.

In parallel with this, other weekend promotions are taking place on Steam. For example, Mortal Kombat 11, all parts of the Assassin’s Creed series, including Origins and Odyssey, games from Perfect World and others can be purchased at discounted prices. Those interested can also check out the Epic Games Store, where the Summer Sale has just begun with up to 75% off.

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