Xiaomi introduced a major update to the branded shell for TVs

Xiaomi has released a major MIUI firmware update for TVs to version 3.0. The company has significantly redesigned the user interface, making it more focused on personal recommendations, and also added several useful features. 

Xiaomi Mi TV

In MIUI For TV 3.0, the user interface is more interactive and content-oriented. The home screen places even more emphasis on personalized recommendations based on user preferences. You can start watching a movie right on the home page. Xiaomi has also redesigned the animations and provided a simplified interface for those who do not like the abundance of all kinds of content on the screen. 

Xiaomi Mi TV Xiaomi Mi TV

Of the interesting innovations, it is also worth noting the possibility of using a smartphone as a gamepad to control in games or as a microphone for applications with karaoke function. 

It is important to note that MIUI For TV 3.0 firmware is targeted only at the Chinese market, while Xiaomi TVs run Android TV in other regions. However, the company may well transfer some changes to the global firmware. 

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