Xiaomi introduced a “pocket” cordless vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi has unveiled a new Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner on its crowdfunding platform. It is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and has a compact size that allows you to put it even in a small bag. 

The Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner has a motor that runs at speeds up to 88,000 rpm. The maximum suction power is 13,000 Pa. The vacuum cleaner itself looks like a small water bottle and weighs less than 500 grams. 

Xiaomi Mijia Handy Vacuum Cleaner

The novelty is intended not so much for cleaning the apartment as for removing small local contaminants like crumbs and larger debris on the table, in the folds of the sofa or in the car seat. The device operates on a built-in battery, but how long is not specified yet. The set includes several nozzles, and all the collected debris can be easily shaken out of the case. 

In China, the price of a vacuum cleaner is $ 35, but by pre-order, it is now being sold for $ 28.

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