The schoolboy spent “years of savings” and thousands of dollars of parental money for donations

The harmless increase in the child with the “battle royale” Fortnite and the Twitch platform led to a real financial tragedy: in just a couple of weeks, the student spent a huge amount from the family budget on donations. Watching the broadcast of your favorite streamer, few people think about who all those people who throw money at the gamer are, and where this money comes from. In fact, a truly dramatic story can be hidden behind the next donation notification.


Recently, the mother of a “generous” American teenager shared her heartbreaking story. In just 17 days, her child spent almost $ 20 thousand to please her favorite streamers. Such an impressive amount was in the hands of the child due to the inattention of his mother and the resourcefulness of a young fan of games (Fortnite in particular): a card tied to his parent’s account was given to him to pay for school meals, but the boy apparently managed to spy on the password from the bank account. As a result, “years of savings” with a slight flick of the fingers turned into donations and Twitch subscriptions.

The bank, unfortunately, cannot simply return the money: for this, the mother would have to sue the child. Reddit users suggested another solution: write personally to each of the streamers who received a generous donation and ask them to give donations. The woman contacted several of them, but the results of the negotiations are unknown.


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