World’s first uncut material created

Bicycle thieves do not sleep. They carefully study the territory under their control, waiting in search of a suitable victim. Trained attackers have at hand all the necessary tools to cut any lock and high-strength chain. German researchers reported the creation of a new material that cannot be cut with the help of available tools.


A bicycle lock is considered one of the most reliable anti-theft tools. But with the proper tools, you can cut any chain or lock in a few seconds. German researchers have shown the possibilities of a new material called Proteus. It is 15% steel. When trying to cut it, the tool simply gets stuck in the fibers, becoming unusable.


According to the creators of Proteus, they drew inspiration from the tough cell skin of grapefruit and tough shells of clams. Once the cutting tool has passed through the outer layer, it reaches the embedded ceramic balls. First, the thief will feel an unpleasant vibration that dulls the sharp edges of the cutter. The ceramic dust particles will then begin to fill the gaps between the teeth. The cutting process will become viscous and eventually stop, leading to the destruction of the cutting tool.

“Basically, cutting our material is like cutting jelly filled with nuggets. The ceramic embedded in this flexible material works like sandbags, stopping a bullet at high speed, ”said one of the research team.

Already, the creators of Proteus are looking for an opportunity to enter the commercial market. In their opinion, the metal will be interesting not only for protection against bicycle thieves but also as the creation of light armor and any other protective mechanisms.  


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