Apple released a cable for the price of two Xiaomi smartphones

It’s no secret that Apple knows how to make money. The company sells the Pro Display XDR display stand for  80 thousand rubles and wheels for the Mac Pro for 70 thousand. In the ranks of expensive “apple” accessories replenishment. This time it’s a regular cable.


For fast data transfers at up to 40Gbps, video output, and charging up to 100W, Apple is offering a new 2m Thunderbolt 3 Pro cable with black braid to prevent tangles. It connects devices such as the Pro Display XDR, docking stations, and hard drives to your computer with a Thunderbolt 3 (USB Type ‑ C) port.

An excellent accessory, only now it costs 11 490 rubles in the Russian online store Apple. For comparison, for about the same money in the official Xiaomi store, you can buy two Redmi 7A smartphones at a price of 5,990 rubles apiece. Moreover, a Belkin cable of a similar specification, but without a fabric braid, costs 8,837 rubles in the Apple Store.


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