Blogger broke the new OnePlus Nord with his bare hands

The recently introduced OnePlus Nord has already been reviewed by Western resources and has now reached the popular tech blogger Zach Nilson from the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. As usual, he gave the smartphone a proprietary test of durability, which the device did not cope with.

Gorilla Glass 5 covering OnePlus Nord’s 6.44-inch AMOLED display was scratched by a Mohs 6 hardness tool, which is the norm on smartphones today. The side frame, as it turned out, is made of plastic, but the silent mode switch, as well as the power and volume buttons, are made of metal. The optical fingerprint sensor located under the screen works even if the glass above it is severely scratched.

When it came to testing for strength, OnePlus Nord, under the pressure of the blogger’s hands, began to bend strongly, and at some point, there was a crackling sound. After that, the screen crashed and stopped working, and in several places, the plastic frame of the case broke.

Thus, the smartphone did not pass the Zach Nielson test, which has recently become a rarity.


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