Bugatti introduced a “children’s” electric car for $ 35,000

At the Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti, known as the premium car manufacturer, unveiled an original electric car called the Baby II. The novelty is a reduced replica of the Bugatti Type 35 car released back in 1924 and became the company’s second electric car in the last 50 years – although it is intended for a very specific audience.

Initially, the body of the Baby II was 3D printed, and after a series of improvements, the car was launched into small-scale production. In total, the company plans to release 500 copies of a compact electric car, which is 25% smaller than its progenitor and looks like a child’s mode of transport. However, an adult can also fit in the car.

The capacity of the battery installed in the basic version is 1.4 kWh, while the extended configuration already includes a battery of 2.8 kWh, which is enough for a power reserve of 30 kilometers. The maximum speed of the novelty is 68 km / h. The car is available in three modifications: basic with an engine power of 5.8 l / s, as well as more advanced Vitesse and Pur Sang – up to 13.4 l / s inclusive.

The standard price for Baby II is $ 35,000. The aluminum-bodied version of the Pur Sang is priced at $ 68,000. Despite the high cost of the “baby car,” Bugatti announced that all 500 units have already been pre-ordered …


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