Microsoft will be less likely to add new features to Windows 10

Earlier it became known that Microsoft has revised its plans for the timing of adding a redesigned Start menu to Windows 10. Now there is information that the Redmond corporation intends to change the schedule for the release of major updates for its operating system.

Windows 10

Windows 10 currently has two major updates a year – in the spring and fall. However, now it is reported that Microsoft intends to revise the strategy and switch to the release of large-scale updates only once a year. According to sources, this is due to the fact that the company “throws forces” on the development of  Windows 10X – an operating system focused on mobile PCs, including with two displays. 

According to insiders, this year Microsoft is still planning to release the second major update for Windows 10 in October or November, but from next year the company will switch to the new format. It is believed that one major update will be released every summer. 


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