The clowns got their way. Rockstar is preparing the biggest update for Red Dead Online

A couple of weeks ago, a very unusual flash mob started in the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. Gamers started dressing up as clowns en masse. It was a kind of protest action: users really felt like buffoons, because they remained faithful to the game, despite the fact that Rockstar Games suspended the release of fresh content for the western for a long time. Apparently, the voice of the people has heard: the developers of the cowboy action game announced the largest update for RDO.

Red Dead data-Online

In general, it is difficult to say whether the flash mob really had some effect or is it just a lucky coincidence, but representatives of Rockstar Games announced that a large-scale expansion will be released for Red Dead Online on July 28. It will add a new role to the Western and a new craft. Judging by the vague description of the add-on, we are talking about the path of the hunter. Of course, in addition to the main layer of content, the update will bring a fresh bandit subscription to the game, as well as a lot of minor edits and innovations.

The developers assure. that new content should be enough for users for several months. By the way, Rockstar Games also announced another large-scale summer update for GTA Online. Details about it have not yet been reported.


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