Xiaomi has come up with a smartphone with built-in TWS headphones

Fully wireless earbuds are comfortable to use and have a number of other benefits, but they are stored in a special case that you need to carry with you everywhere. It seems that Xiaomi has found a very simple and elegant solution to this problem by integrating headphones directly into the smartphone. 

One of the latest Xiaomi patents describes a smartphone that hides a pair of wireless headphones in the case, where they are charged. For this, two small holes are provided on the upper edge, which resembles the installation of the S Pen stylus in Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices. 

In addition to the unusual location, the headphones have one more feature – the swivel design of the upper part. When placed in a smartphone, the speakers are directed upwards, and when the headphones need to be inserted into the ear, the “head” rotates 90 degrees. 


It is unclear whether such headphones will be comfortable to use and whether Xiaomi plans to bring this idea to life at all, but the concept looks extremely interesting.

Source: gizchina.com

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