The blogger compared cameras of “budget employees” OnePlus and Apple

Last week, OnePlus introduced the OnePlus Nord smartphone, available by the standards of the brand line. Guided by the fact that the price of the new item is identical to the price of the previously released iPhone SE (2020), the author of the SuperSaf YouTube channel staged a “photo battle” between two “public sector employees” of popular brands – and announced the winner.

When testing the front camera, the blogger noted that the maximum video capture resolution for the iPhone SE (2020) is 1080p, while the OnePlus Nord can shoot 4K video. At the same time, the latter has good sky detail and the correct operation of the HDR algorithm – but only until the auxiliary wide-angle lens is turned on. The Apple gadget is equipped with a single 7-megapixel selfie sensor, while OnePlus used two sensors – 32 and 8 megapixels.

Apple iPhone SE vs data-OnePlus Nord

Turning on the video on the main camera, the blogger noted that OnePlus copes much better with stabilization, although the autofocus work in smartphones is implemented equally well. The photographic capabilities of the devices complement each other in many ways: in certain conditions, the iPhone SE 2020 shows a more natural picture, while the OnePlus Nord copes better with HDR.

In addition, the gadgets have a significantly different color correction algorithm – on an Apple smartphone, the skin texture looks more natural, but OnePlus Nord copes better with blurring the background in portrait mode. The OnePlus Nord was the undisputed winner when shooting in low light conditions thanks to the presence of additional sensors and higher sensor sensitivity.

Apple iPhone SE vs data-OnePlus Nord

Summarizing the comparison of the two smartphones costing € 399, the blogger noted that in case of purchase, he would have settled on the OnePlus Nord due to a wider set of hardware capabilities.

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