Why is the image disappearing on my MacBook?

The worst nightmare of any MacBook owner is if his computer does not display an image when turned on. Well, except that besides pouring water, coffee or other drinks on the computer, it can be even worse. And sometimes a real “combo” happens – if the image disappears on the MacBook after contact with liquid. In any case, it is necessary to find the true cause of the problem, which is not possible for all specialists. Let us examine just one of such case.

Many people immediately run to change the entire display. But don’t jump to conclusions

No image on MacBook

Why does the picture disappear on Mac at all? There may be several reasons:

  • problems with the matrix;
  • problem with the matrix transition cable;
  • failure of the backlight driver or its strapping;
  • on iMac models, the inverter may be damaged.

There may be other reasons, and it all depends on the type of computer. For example, not so long ago we analyzed why the iMac shows a white screen – the video chip has failed there. The easiest way to find out if the display component is the problem is to connect your MacBook to an external monitor. A picture should appear on the monitor.

If there is a picture on the external monitor, the patient is not so hopeless

In order to fix the problem, you first need to find out what exactly it is. Therefore, specialists in service centers carry out a thorough diagnosis. Unfortunately, not everyone does this: sometimes after the repair, the problem seems to go away, but after a while it comes back again.

Take the MacBook Pro, for example, which hit the Apple Pro service. After contact with the liquid, the computer stopped turning on, it was taken to another service, where the problem seemed to be fixed. However, a week later, the owner of the MacBook turned to the Apple Pro with no image on the laptop screen.

MacBook Pro Backlight Repair

Experts know about this problem firsthand, so first of all, they removed the motherboard and checked the matrix assembly – it turned out to be working. This means that the problem is not in the matrix and not in the loop. Then the engineer proceeded to the most difficult process – finding the true cause of the breakdown. In the case of flooded MacBooks, this is always a “lottery” – oxides from the ingress of liquid can spread over the motherboard for a long time before damaging one or another component.

Removing the motherboard from the case

Nevertheless, the specialist can use the “ringing” of the components to determine the reason for the absence of an image on the MacBook. The problem turned out to be in the backlight driver, its several power leads were shorted.

The engineer searches for the cause of the problem

For replacement, experts use drivers from donor boards from other MacBooks.

The backlight driver is removed from the donor board and BGA balls are rolled

Installing a new driver

Checking after installing a new driver and preparing to turn on

Further, other working nodes of the computer are checked, since the consequences of flooding can be the most unpredictable. This time the owner was in luck: apparently, contact with the liquid was minimal, and no other components were affected.

Before reassembly begins, the new components are tested first to work. The image is back!

Checking the board with the matrix before assembly

After all the work was completed, professional work and replacement of thermal paste were carried out. This completes the repair of the 2012 MacBook.

The processor thermal paste has been replaced

Reassembling a MacBook Pro

The computer is ready to serve the owner for the same number of years

As you can see, the main thing in repairing a MacBook (and any other equipment) is not only to carry out the necessary work with high quality but also to correctly diagnose the real cause of the breakdown. Apple Pro takes responsibility for both tasks, so they repair MacBooks and boldly provide a guarantee for the work performed. They have already brought back to life hundreds of MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPods and other Apple devices. When contacting, do not forget about the AppleInsider.ru promo code, which gives a 10% discount on all types of repairs.

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