Samsung The Sero review: here’s a twist

High competition forces TV manufacturers to constantly come up with something new. They increase screen resolution, reduce bezels and body thickness, and add interesting features. Samsung has gone even further: literally flipping the form factor. The Sero display automatically changes from landscape to portrait orientation. Why is it needed and how convenient is it? Let’s figure it out now.

Samsung The Sero

Wow! Is he turning?

This is the question everyone asks when they see a new product for the first time. The screen can independently flip 90 degrees. The process takes less than four seconds and is virtually silent. The main scenario for using a portrait display is to duplicate the contents of a smartphone. For everything to work correctly, the phone must be connected to the TV through the Smart View utility (in Samsung devices it is easy to find it by pulling out the shutter). Next, select The Sero and the magic begins. While we are watching horizontal content on a smartphone, for example, a movie from YouTube, the TV screen is in the usual position. But if you turn on Instagram or any other mobile application with a vertical orientation, the TV will turn too. Very comfortably.

Auto-rotate works only in conjunction with Samsung gadgets. If, say, you connect to an iPhone, the display does not rotate on its own, but you can rotate it with the remote control. The vendor did not forget about elementary safety: after turning off the TV, the screen returns to its original vertical position. In this orientation, the display is as stable as possible and protected from accidental bumps and snags, and it takes up less space.

Samsung The Sero

The matrix of the TV is made using QLED technology, that is, based on quantum dots. These are tiny balls of semiconductor materials that emit different colors of light depending on their size. The larger the point, the closer it is to the red spectrum, the smaller – to the blue spectrum. The result is a bright picture without any afterimage. The 43-inch The Sero has 4K resolution and supports HDR content. The viewing angles are wide, there are no highlights on a black background. The manufacturer added a nice addition for eye comfort: a special adaptive mode that adjusts the brightness and contrast of the frame based on the ambient light. All this allows you to watch content in maximum quality and with natural shades.

Smart or not so smart?

Like all smart devices of the Korean brand, The Sero runs on Tizen OS. The interface is intuitive, the novelty wakes up from sleep mode quickly, it functions without lags. The operating system recognizes many photo, video, and audio formats. 4K videos from a flash drive are played without hesitation.

Samsung The Sero

Among the installed utilities, there are almost all the most popular services for watching content: YouTube, Okko, ivi, Apple TV, MEGOGO, and others. It is easy to get additional software in a branded store by downloading, for example, Spotify or Deezer.

In vertical orientation, you can set live wallpapers with a pleasant soundtrack. A screensaver with a blazing fireplace and crackling logs gives a homely feel to the setting. However, not all scenes are as elaborate. So, in a composition with a burning candle, the flame on the main object remains static, although it moves in the mirror. In addition, the picture is accompanied by the same sounds of firewood crackling, which are no longer particularly suitable for the plot. Simply put, the software has a lot to refine and improve. In addition, Samsung has optimized the Internet browser and app store for vertical mode. And since The Sero is constantly connected to the network, it will quickly receive updates that add the vertical format to programs. It’s just a matter of adapting applications and services.

Samsung The Sero

The control panel is equipped with all the main buttons, while there is no gyroscope in it. But he would have helped out when typing or working in the browser. The situation can be corrected by additional peripherals (air mouse or keyboard) connected via Bluetooth. Another way: you can interact with the TV using your smartphone by downloading the SmartThings app. Voice control is also available through the microphone built into the remote control. However, the response of new items to voice commands is not always correct, although the content on YouTube is found without problems.

Samsung The Sero

Introducing TV and Phone

When you turn on The Sero for the first time, it asks you to immediately download SmartThings to your smartphone, from where further TV setup is performed. The main task of the application is to organize the transfer of content from a mobile phone. This requires both devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network. The picture on the TV is reproduced in the actual resolution of the phone, and with minimal delays. This allows games to be streamed with little or no impact on gameplay. Note that in our case the Samsung Galaxy A80 was a pair to The Sero. Since the aspect ratio of the smartphone display is 20: 9, then when broadcasting content from the gadget in a horizontal orientation to the TV, there are black bars at the top and bottom. 

Sound reproduction from a smartphone to a TV, when there is no picture transmission, is carried out via Bluetooth. In this case, The Sero activates Ambient Mode with many beautiful and atmospheric images.

The built-in speakers are located on the front of the device, under a dark blue fabric, which is not evenly tucked into the frame everywhere. Due to the proximity of the speakers to each other, the stereo effect is weak. But the sound they produce is loud, clear, with well-defined mid and high frequencies. And the built-in subwoofer provides good bass. Music playback via Bluetooth headphones also pleases with audio quality.

Samsung The Sero

Not like everyone else

According to the manufacturer’s idea, The Sero should stand on the floor. The design of the TV consists of several parts: a plastic base with the “brains” of the device, a rotating screen, and a leg that acts as a counterweight. Due to the considerable weight of the novelty (about 33 kg with a stand), it is better to install the installation together – a partner is needed to attach the stand-stop to the body of the gadget with four bolts.

If you plan to move the TV around the room, you should purchase an additional accessory: castors that slide on the legs from below and are attached with magnets. You can do it without them, but it is easier to transport the device this way. By the way, the low interior sills of the wheels pass easily.

Samsung The Sero

The connectors are hidden under a plastic cover on the back. Among them are two regular USB ports of the second version, one of which provides a maximum current of 1 A to power an external hard drive. Not without three HDMI-interfaces. Note, the frequent connection of various peripherals to the device causes slight difficulties due to the counterweight leg. On the other hand, having connected everything once, you won’t climb there again.

Samsung The Sero


QLED, 43 ”(108 cm), 3840×2160, 60Hz, HDR10, HDR Plus, HLG
TIZEN (version 1220)
built-in speakers 2 x 30W plus subwoofer
3 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x USB 2.0 Type-A, PCMCIA CI, antenna input
Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz), Bluetooth 4.2 FEATURES 
screen rotation, content broadcast from smartphone, SmartThings support, Screen sharing function for PC, remote and voice control
Samsung The Sero


Automatic screen rotation by 90 degrees is the main feature of the TV. One easy way to turn the tide is to stream content from your smartphone to your TV. This is useful for those who often hang out on social media or love vertical videos. In general, The Sero is a product with many interesting features that can produce a wow-effect on those around you. The device has been worked out in detail in the main areas: the display is clear and contrasting, and the sound is loud and high-quality.

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