Smartphone still in free fall. Bad Samsung, only Apple is saved

The smartphone market in the second quarter of the year pays duty to the Covid-19 pandemic and closes the period with a drop in the volume of 20.4%

by Gianni Rusconi

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Nothing to do, and there was (also given the seasonality) to be expected. The smartphone market on a global scale also in the second period of the year pays duty to the Covid-19 pandemic and closes the period with a volume drop of 20.4% in sales to end-users, for a total of 295 million units. The usual quarterly report from Gartner says so, which in fact confirms the data of the first three months of 2020 when the final balance in the red had stopped at 20.2%.

Cupertino loses only 0.4%

All major vendors have something to complain about, but there are those who have managed to contain a robust drop in demand better than others. We are talking about Apple, whose decline year on year is limited to 0.4%, for approximately 38.4 million iPhones ended up in the pockets of consumers. The Cupertino house, therefore, consolidates its third place in the ranking, with a 13% market share, thanks to the excellent performance of the SE series and the growth of the business in China and probably looks pleased with the “troubles” of its two great rivals. Samsung, which confirms itself as the very little queen of smartphones with 18.6% share, in fact, registers a slowdown of 27.4%, going from 75 to about 55 million units sold (not very brilliant, in particular, the results obtained by the models’ flagship of the Galaxy S family). It goes much better to Huawei,

Xiaomi’s leap back

Observing the data collected by Gartner analysts, the sharp slowdown of two brands in great pre-lockdown dusting, namely the Chinese Xiaomi and Oppo, which lost 21.5% and 15 respectively in the quarter, immediately catches the eye. 9% of sales in the year-over-year comparison. The first, in particular, had turned at the end of March with a growth of 1.4% compared to the previous year, going against the trend of the drop in deliveries of all the other manufacturers (Samsung -22.7%, Huawei -27, 3%, Oppo -19.1%, and Apple -8.2%) and maximizing the lower dependence on Chinese suppliers for procurement and the efficiency of the online sales service.

The scenario: China recovering, India at a peak

Virtually all major world markets had to face long and varied restrictions due to the Coronavirus for a good part of the second quarter, with the consequent progressive decline in smartphone demand. China is an exception, and obviously no small exception. However, the improvement in the situation in the great Asian country, where sales fell by only 7% (almost 94 million smartphones reached consumers), as explained in a note by Anshul Gupta, senior research director at Gartner, was not enough. counteracting the effects of travel restrictions, the closures of many retail outlets, and spending that has proven to be more prudent for non-essential products. Let’s also consider the strong downsizing suffered by the Indian market, which recorded the worst result (- 46%) among the top five countries in the world, and this explains the second consecutive quarter in decline for the smartphone sector. At this point, it is difficult to think that the final balance at the end of 2020 could be in surplus.


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