The Cicada3301 team created the Omega IM messenger for confidential communication

The team of anonymous developers Cicada3301 has released the Omega IM messenger protected from all sides. Full privacy: the utility does not save the user’s history, does not require linking to social networks, and does not look into the address book.

Omega IM

The Omega IM messenger allows you to create completely anonymous accounts. The service is tied to the fast and secure open-source Proteus protocol. It is an independent implementation of the Axolotl / Double Ratchet algorithms and methods provided by the libsodium library.

The Diffie-Hellman cryptographic protocol and the concept of preshared keys are responsible for the secure exchange of encryption keys. Communication with the platform servers is carried out over SSL using TLS version 1.3 encryption. For the greatest privacy, the utility also uses traffic obfuscation methods: attackers simply will not be able to determine whether a particular person is an Omega IM subscriber.

Omega IM

Users can send voice and video messages, arrange chats and conference calls, exchange large files, make audio and video calls. There are also self-deleting messages, verified accounts, built-in access protection with a system password, FaceID, or a fingerprint. The desktop version has a screen sharing function. The developers have not forgotten about the integration with YouTube and SoundCloud.

Omega IM is suitable for both ordinary users and corporate clients. Thanks to digital signatures, it is convenient to conduct business document flow between subagents, as well as to carry out settlements – there is a built-in payment system that uses ERC-20 tokens. The messenger tokens can be converted into fiat money and back through the digital bank DixiBank, with which the Omega team has entered into a partnership agreement.

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