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Best Kindle Tablet Options for Reading Lovers

Nothing better than enjoying a good book, especially when we do it hand in hand with technology that has improved our reading experience with electronic books also known as e-books. Best Kindle Tablet Options for Reading Lovers  The Kindle tablets are designed to read ebooks and listen to audiobooks in addition to these functions can store thousands of books on one device and you can carry them anywhere. Thinking about it, below you will find some of the best Amazon Kindle tablets specially designed for lovers of reading.

Best Kindle Tablet Options for Reading Lovers

1. Kindle Paperwhite – Waterproof Ultra Slim Tablet:

Best Kindle Tablet Options for Reading Lovers

The Kindle Paperwhite tablet is one of the thinnest and lightest on Amazon. Its glare-free screen allows a better visual experience and its tonalities are very well appreciated in bright sunlight.

The best thing about this tablet is its double storage space with 8GB of internal memory and you can choose to expand its external memory up to 32GB. Because it is waterproof, you can take this tablet to enjoy a good book at the beach or pool.

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2. Kindle Oasis – 7-inch display tablet with adjustable lighting:

Best Kindle Tablet Options for Reading Lovers

The ergonomic, slim, and light design of this Kindle Oasis tablet makes it a device for the whole family. It features a 7-inch paperwhite screen with adjustable lighting to switch from warm to cool with a simple button.

You can access millions of books and audiobooks on a single device. In addition, its operating system allows you to connect via Bluetooth to different smart devices. Being totally waterproof, you can read your favorite book even in the pool.

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3. 4Gb tablet with long battery life :

Best Kindle Tablet Options for Reading Lovers

This tablet has been designed with a 6 ”high definition screen with built-in light similar to a book page. It has a battery that can last up to 4 weeks running on a single charge.

Its 16-level grayscale can be adjusted to achieve a better reading. You will have unlimited access to thousands of books, newspapers, and magazine options. It will be like having a portable library wherever you go.

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