Almost a shooter. Modder launched Mortal Kombat X in a first-person view

Everyone is used to looking at battles in fighting games from the outside – as if the fighters are in an aquarium. The modder racer decided to see how Mortal Kombat X looks from a first-person perspective. According to his selection of screenshots, the game is easy to confuse with some kind of shooter – some characters are too active in using firearms.

After the screenshots were published, ermaccer stated that he didn’t even have to create a separate modification to switch to the first-person view: he just moved the camera to a different point. According to him, the point of view can be adjusted better so that nothing interferes with playing Mortal Kombat X in the new format.

At the beginning of 2021, fans of the fighting game series will have another opportunity to look at the brutal battles of their favorite fighters from the other side. The premiere of the new film adaptation of Mortal Kombat is scheduled for January next year. It seems that the picture will come out really cruel and bloody  – so much so that the actors sometimes felt sick on the set.


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