Black and white. A photo of a unique Xbox Series X controller leaked to the network

The announcement of any console inevitably generates speculation on the most innocent topics. The dimensions of the upcoming novelty, the shape of the device and its accessories – the audience is discussing everything. And some enthusiasts skillfully use the interest of the masses. So, the other day, a Reddit user posted a curious picture on the site, and the internet machine started up again.

Xbox white

It all started very harmlessly: a certain Wolfy_Wizzardo posted a photo of a white gamepad. People’s attention was drawn to its shape: according to gamers, the photo shows a unique controller from the Xbox Series X (in the promo they all sport a black color) or, perhaps, the mysterious Xbox Series S, the younger version of the upcoming Microsoft console.

Microsoft itself has not yet commented on the image, and the author has already deleted it from Reddit. But, as you know, nothing disappears from the Internet without a trace. The premiere of the Xbox Series X console, we recall, is scheduled for the end of this year, specifically – for the Christmas holidays. Perhaps closer to the premiere, the company will talk about the anomalous accessory.


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