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Bathroom Decoration ideas 2023

Bathroom Decoration ideas 2023

The bathroom is the room where we take care of ourselves and take refuge to relax Bathroom Decoration ideas 2023 You often want to improve the decor. Missteps must be avoided, the decoration must be practical, simple and relaxing.


Bathroom Decoration ideas 2023

Bathroom Decoration ideas 2023

Choose light colors

Most bathrooms are cramped spaces. It is necessary to choose light colors that enlarge the space. As you already know, dark colors have the effect of reducing the bathroom. A bright palette will make the room appear airier and larger. To avoid make-up errors, neutral colors should be used, such as white, pale gray, cream or beige. The colors of the walls that will reflect on the face will not influence your makeup.

Lighting is important

Bathrooms are often cramped. The best source of lighting is natural light. If your bathroom has no window, you can use strategically placed sources. A wall sconce above the vanity will do.

light for the bathroom


Purify the space

A cluttered space increases your stress level. A clean and tidy bathroom will give you a relaxing and welcoming bathroom. Eliminate all objects that you do not need in a bathroom. You can throw them away or, if they are still needed, put them somewhere else. Remember: less stuff means less dust, less hassle and less cleaning. If your shower or the rim of your bath is filled with products that are not yet finished, make a selection. Give up products you no longer use and put them in a cupboard. Your shower will be more inviting. It’s a good idea to replace towels as often as possible. If they are stained or excessively worn, replace them ! There are bath towel sets in the same color that are useful as well as decorative. This is how your bathroom refreshed and inviting.

Maximize storage

A lot of products accumulate in the bathroom. You need to provide storage units to make your life easier. It is possible to buy a small storage unit or add shelves above the toilet. A beautifully organized bathroom is not too difficult to achieve.

bathroom storage

The importance of drying space

We don’t like wiping ourselves with a damp towel. A space reserved for drying towels and linens solved the problem. Decorators prefer ladders for the role of towel rack in the bathroom. If possible, place it above the heater. This is how hot towels will be waiting for you when you get out of the shower.

Hide less aesthetic products

Your bathroom should always maintain a clean look. There are always products that are not visually appealing. Put the tissues in a box in the colors of the bathroom, hide the rolls of toilet paper in a basket.

Even if the bathroom is nicely decorated, it will be even more beautiful if it is clean. A daily cleaning tour will make the difference!

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