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How do you choose the right panel according to the design of the bathroom?

How do you choose the right panel according to the design of the bathroom

The fast-forward lifestyle is causing many homeowners to choose the shower instead of the tub for their bathroom. With much faster and easier access, especially when it comes to a walk-in model, this is one of the popular furnishing solutions today.

Because there are also some small inconveniences related to such an arrangement, installing a shower screen becomes a crucial stage when you choose this solution for your bathroom. And this article offers you to find out what such an installation entails according to your preferred design.

How do you choose the right panel according to the design of the bathroom?


Installation of a shower screen according to the design of the bathroom

Installation of a shower screen depending on the design

The design of the bathroom matters a lot in choosing a shower cabin , as well as the mounting systems that will be used in the arrangement. Also, fitting a screen largely depends on the available space as well as the needs of you and your family members.

The bathroom can be arranged in several styles, so among the most common are:

  • the classic ones because they don’t go out of fashion very quickly;
  • the modern ones when you choose to take into account the latest trends;
  • minimalist ones that are suitable for small bathrooms.

One of the biggest drawbacks to replacing bathtubs is the much higher chance of getting the tiles and floor tiles wet , so they will need to be redecorated much sooner. As prevention systems in this regard, you can choose between panels and shower doors , depending on the need and design.

Screens can be made of transparent, frosted or colored glass, secured or treated, most of the time. Among the most popular bathroom products are those from SanSwiss , Besco and Sanotechnik , recognized for the quality of the materials and durability over time.

Choosing a shower screen can be done according to several criteria, including:

  • length and width of available space;
  • bathroom design;
  • opening method.

In terms of opening, you can choose a sliding or walk-in door along the entire length of the wall or only on a portion of it.

Installation of a glass shower screen

Installation of a glass screen for the shower

As a procedure, the installation of a shower screen must be carried out according to the following steps:

  • measuring the dimensions of the panel or shower screen, as well as marking the places where the mounting holes will be;
  • drilling the wall to install the glass shower wall;
  • installation of the shower screen according to the instructions received when purchasing it.

Also, before starting any shower wall installation work you need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment and tools, starting with a ruler, a pencil or marker, a drill and various types of screws and screwdrivers.

When choosing a shower cabin with tub, among the most useful solutions are niche doors , such as those from Radaway , which seal very well.

Outside of tub cabins, walk-in showers are among the most common in bathroom design, especially since they have advantages such as eliminating certain elements required for installation.

Installation of a walk-in shower wall

Installation of a walk-in shower wall

By far, the walk-in shower cabin is one of the most modern and elegant designs in a bathroom, especially since it also fits the little ones, not taking up a lot of space. This can be done both on the corner and on an entire wall, being very versatile.

Installing a walk-in wall will largely follow the same steps as installing a tub shower screen, except that in the former case, measurements must be taken from the ceiling to the floor. However, the panel is not recommended to touch the ceiling for better ventilation as well as a premium look.

It also has several advantages, including:

  • the possibility of mounting a sliding door;
  • the possibility of choosing a glass wall to help visually amplify the available space;
  • can be made to the desired dimensions.

Each type of shower has its advantages, and when it comes to choosing the type of screen, it is subjective.

The shower is a versatile alternative to a bathtub, especially in small apartment bathrooms. However, there is no impediment to use this design for a house with much more spacious rooms. Installing a screen or a glass wall is one of the simplest and most useful ways to avoid excessive humidity caused by both steam and water. Today’s solutions allow easy assembly through systems that can be installed with a minimum number of tools and effort, while the result can be amazing.

In conclusion, if you want to completely change the appearance of your bathroom, installing a shower screen is one of the most modern and viable solutions.

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