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14 Original Decorative Ideas For The Toilet

original decorative ideas for the toilet

For a fully decorated interior, the toilets are not forgotten. 14 original decorative ideas for the toilet Combination of colors and materials, plain or printed all-over, discover inspiring original ideas.

Small, sometimes devoid of windows and therefore of natural light, first functional before being comfortable, the toilets are (too) often exempt from any real decoration. We are content to bring to the room a more practical layout with some storage and toilet accessories. However, it is an ideal space to express your creativity and your decorative desires. The trendy materials and colors used in the rest of the house also find their way into the toilets, creating a charming whole.

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Who said cabinets had to be sanitized? Especially not us. If white remains a safe bet visually enlarging the space and illuminating it, nothing prevents you from bringing a touch of color in paint or on a bright material. And decorating your toilet without looking corny is very simple.


Placed on the floor or on the walls, the materials also serve as decoration, bringing a certain originality to the toilets. An essential natural material, wood warms up this soulless room. Its different essences ranging from light or brown, with veins or an aged effect, can radically change the atmosphere of this small space. Cement tiles have in turn become the stars of toilets. Dressed in patterns and vibrant colors, they make a difference without the need for additional additions. All models of tiling invite themselves easily to the little corner, in addition to being easy to maintain, they have multiple colors and very decorative finishes. As in character bathrooms, marble adorns the cabinets with its elegance, while the more up-to-date terrazzo delicately energizes them. Finally, original and inspiring, the panoramic or printed wallpaper is happy to be placed on the walls for an almost unusual decoration.


The main color side rule? Have fun, although you have to skip some tones. Pastels tarnish when red attacks. Black is appreciated by touch on a wall, but to avoid in total look. Prefer the soft and ideal lilac for a Provençal decoration to the now obsolete purple. Intense shades such as blue and dark green as well as mustard yellow will give depth. The latter can be chosen more lively in order to brighten up the space.


Nothing like modernity to have small corners with timeless decoration. By picking from the materials and colors mentioned, it is easy to create a piece to your liking that will not age. Prefer neutral tones (white, black, shades of brown) or bold colors applied in touches. Modernizing also means renovating. To do this, use a brush and paint to make geometric shapes, a domino effect or completely cover the existing tiles. On the floor, rather than undertake major work, trust the adhesive cement tiles, practical and decorative. This refreshment can be an opportunity to add plants.



Cement tile toilets

In addition to being easy to clean since it is a tile, cement tiles are also very decorative. Their sparkling prints immediately stimulate any decor. It is therefore only natural that it should be the star of our toilets.


black toilet

If black is prohibited in certain rooms, it is welcome in the toilets. With paint wallpaper, tiles or even marble, it is usually applied to the section of wall behind the toilet, bringing depth to this narrow and small room.


Terracotta and black toilet

This color duo is used in the kitchen and sometimes in the bathroom. Now it finds a place in the cabinets. The terracotta is adopted more in all-over than the black which comes to underline it, but not the reverse. With low light, you will have toilets with a subdued atmosphere.


Graphic toilets

Geometric shapes are sure values ​​to bring a little madness to a decoration. Using the same tile model, but in a different color, you can create a graphic and sparkling decor. In order not to visually overload the space, combine white with another color and focus on one area.


Artsy toilets

Make your cabinets a place of curiosity. These toilets are a breeding ground for decorative ideas to steal. Green, and all its shades (except pastel), are readily available for a jungle, chic, modern and even arty countryside atmosphere. The marble floor and wall covering contrasts with its notable elegance. For a real original effect, opt for singular lights such as museum sculptures and candelabra. A fresco on the ceiling will complete the look.


wooden toilet

In decoration, wood no longer has to prove its charm, even in toilets. Whatever its essence, it makes all the difference. It also allows, as here, to hide wall storage. Combined with a color or white, it will instantly warm up your little corners.


Toilets with terrazzo

For some time now, the terrazzo has regained its letters of nobility. This fashionable material in the 80s, based on cement and colored aggregates, energizes your cabinets in a snap. With powdered orange, it forms a very chic seventies decor.


Modern toilets

Here is the example of timeless toilets. A modernity brought by the choice of colors and materials. The white, black and wood trio works wonderfully over time. The touch of originality? The tiling laid in a herringbone pattern behind the toilets with alternating matte and glossy finishes.

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white toilet


pop-up toilet

Who says pop, does not necessarily mean bursting with color. A decoration can be pop with subtlety and this is perfect for the small room that is the toilet. In addition to the beige paint and white tiled walls, the floor is complemented by a unique, graphic paving in bold colors. A simple decoration that has its effect!


toilet wallpaper

Wallpaper is hotter than ever. The brands thus offer panoramic models or models with small prints that reveal themselves like frescoes. And if that may seem eccentric to you, know that it fits easily into the decor of the toilet. On one or two sections of wall, the pattern of the strips will brighten up the room on its own.


14 original decorative ideas for the toilet

If we avoid sky blue or pastel, the other shades are easily invited on the wall at the back. Bordered by the white of the remaining sections, this intense blue lengthens the scene. On the floor, small black tiles and their white joints bring a slight extravagance.


Bright toilets

Need clarity in the toilets? There’s nothing like white married to a soft color like this water green. And for a touch of madness, the installation of marble tiles or marble effect on the ground will transport us.


Natural toilets

In this apartment, the toilet faces a black shower. So to distinguish them from the rest of the room, the professional opted for a white decoration enhanced by a terrazzo floor married to the earthy color of the tiles surmounting the wooden washbasin cabinet.

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