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Our 10 fitness and well-being tips for the first trimester of pregnancy

Our 10 fitness and well-being tips for the first trimester of pregnancy

To be at your best in your head and in your body, in great shape and at the top of your brilliance all future mothers dream of it! 10 fitness and well-being tips: treatments massage ideas and tips for experiencing this early pregnancy as harmoniously as possible.

Our 10 fitness and well-being tips for the first trimester of pregnancy

Pamper your cleavage during your pregnancy 

Pamper your cleavage during your pregnancy 



On the fitness and well-being side , admit that it is still an incredible feeling to take two cup sizes in a few weeks. So long live sexy dresses and T-shirts! Nevertheless, this sudden rise in estrogen  is not always comfortable.
Your breasts are hypertensive and tend to pull. Ideal,the cold shower helps to calm their tensions. Also beneficial, the daily massage with a special bust care that contains soothing agents and is full of moisturizers to effectively fight against stretch marks. Be careful, your breasts can double in volume in record time, it is from the first trimester that you have to help the skin to withstand the effects of distension. Also important: quickly buy a really suitable bra, preferably in cotton, without underwire, and with a back and very wide straps to feel supported without itching, getting stuck or tight.
Finally, you have to think about ensuring the proper recovery of your bust after baby now by doing a few movements that will solicit the (rare) muscles that support the breasts.

During your pregnancy de-stress your skin

This gray mine is the effect of massive irrigation due to hormones, which tend to asphyxiate the epidermis. Also involved is intense fatigue , which often accompanies the first months of pregnancy, and intestinal transit , which begins to be sluggish. In short, in terms of fitness and well-being, it’s not the best! Everything combines so that the toxins are in excess, and it can be read on the surface of the skin! To give it a smooth and rested appearance, there’s nothing like a good relaxing massage with a care cream rich in draining and detoxifying active ingredients.

Fitness and well-being during your pregnancy: relax your eyes

relax your eyes

Feeling sleepy and feeling sick digs into the eyes, a privileged area for printing stress and fatigue. The best anti-blue form and well-being strategy : start by gently removing make-up without rubbing too hard. Then treat yourself to a specific concealer treatment, based on arnica and ruscus to erase the blue and light-reflecting pigments to illuminate the eyes. Apply it morning and evening by tapping lightly with the pulp of the fingers to optimize the drainage effect.

Pregnant: erase your body

To regain shape and well-being, you have to erase! Firstly because it makes for tonic mornings, velvety skin… and, above all, because the scrubs energize the support fibers of the skin, which will be subjected to maximum distension in the months to come. A habit to adopt from the start of pregnancy, at least once a week, to rid the skin of its dead cells and facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients contained in the anti-stretch mark treatments. The right method? Rub gently but firmly, hands flat and with circular movements, wide and supported on the hips, belly and upper thighs. Small and light on the breasts, inner arms and thighs.

Pregnant: make your hair shine

Pregnant make your hair shine

For them, pregnancy is rather a blessed state. Hormones have the effect of lengthening their life cycle – so we lose less than usual – and normalize all the little hair problems. Oily hair gains in lightness and excessively dry hair is suddenly better hydrated. To make the most of this shocking asset, swap your usual treating shampoo for a mild shampoo. Ideal for making hair light and shiny and restoring shape and well-being to your hair.

Fitness and well-being: adopt a good position

Properly “positioning” your body is essential from the start of pregnancy and this will be felt in your shape and well-being after pregnancy. Put the odds on your side from the outset, to then avoid lead legs, back pain and possible cramps and sciatica as much as possible.
The ideal fit? pelvis forward, back straight and shoulders low. Agree, it’s hard not to arch to counterbalance the weight of the belly. It is therefore necessary to start as soon as you are pregnant to manage to hold on even when the belly becomes very round.

Fitness and well-being: change your habits

Adopt a calmer rhythm as soon as possible . Not to put you on hold for 9 months, but to take advantage of this state of harmony and magic, essential for your fitness and well-being. Of course, you should quit smoking and moderate coffee, alcohol, and partying . Think about yourself, do yourself good, listen to soft music and eat healthy. Neither anarchic nor bulimic, but regular and balanced. To provide your baby with everything he needs to develop well. And to try not to exceed the 10-12 kg mark on arrival. Finally, drink at least two liters of water a day.. Because it makes the complexion fresh, beautiful skin, and it eliminates toxins that tire and stimulates intestinal transit throughout pregnancy.

During your pregnancy: move the right way

For fitness and well-beingduring pregnancy (and after), there is no question of resting your muscles for 9 months! Even if you feel a bit “in a cocoon”, here are two good reasons to stay active and toned: carrying extra pounds for months and giving birth are real physical feats. It is better to actively prepare for it now.
The best sports? The gymnastics in the water of course because, well supported, you will build up your muscles without effort. But if you have neither the courage to dive nor a swimming pool at hand, walk at a minimum and do some gentle gymnastics at least twice a week. It’s good for the morale because any muscular work makes secrete endorphins which support the good mood. And sport also plays a role in appetite regulation. Important not to indulge in eating anything, anytime!

 Listen to your fatigue during pregnancy 

Listen to your fatigue during pregnancy

Are you sleepy all the time? Normal, the flood of progesterone in the first months has a well-known sedative effect! Now, how can you best manage this “busy” period without letting yourself go in terms of form and well-being? By seizing every opportunity to forget about stress and take care of yourself. By taking, for example, real naps on weekends and at least two relaxation breaks during the day. Even if you work. To return to work fully refreshed, give yourself a few minutes of ample and deep breathing. eyes closed, in a comfortable position, move the desk chair back a little, possibly put your feet on an open drawer to elevate your legs. In the evening, a bath at 38 or 39°C (no more) is really the best way to relax your muscles… and your mind. And also to prepare a perfectly restorative night.

Forget your pregnant nausea 

Again, it’s progesterone that plays the spoilsport in your health and well-being. Because it acts on the cerebral center of balance. Hence the almost permanent state of heartache that invades many future mothers, at least for the first few months. To mitigate it, for example, avoid jumping up as soon as the alarm clock rings. On the contrary, stay a few minutes lying down, drink a glass of water in small sips and move gently to a sitting position, then standing. Excellent to fight against nausea and to “feed” your baby correctly: prefer the rhythm of four meals a day, well balanced, to intelligently divide food intake from morning to evening. While the stomach works, it leaves you in peace!

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