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Fall decoration trends 2023

Here are some of the latest decorating trends for this fall, Fall decoration trends 2023 along with some tips for implementing them in your home! The sunny days are almost over and the cold season is slowly setting in. But does the rusty, dull atmosphere of autumn stimulate your creativity and encourage new changes? Feel free to put your ingenuity into practice and decorate your home with the latest home decor trends for this fall.

Fall decoration trends 2023

terra cotta


Elements of nature indoors

The simplicity and soothing colors of nature will always continue to inspire and spark new trends. This season we start with simple modern lines, enhanced by the quality of the natural materials they are made of. These are key products for the home that highlight their functionality and decorative qualities. The contemporary style is therefore based on cotton, jute, ceramic or cork, decorated with refined shades of beige, grey, turquoise or powder pink, embellished with subtle floral prints.


Elements of nature indoors


Decorate the room

Autumn can be associated with a contemporary rustic or vintage style. Do not hesitate to create a corner or even a room that takes you into a medieval atmosphere. Antique sofas, wrought iron chandeliers and wooden armchairs, as well as a stone fireplace can create a relaxing atmosphere in your home that will make you dream and travel back in time.

Decorate the room

Rustic style

fireplace bedroom decor

The dialogue of shapes

Decoration in the colors of autumn

There are two distinct interior design trends: minimalism, simple geometric shapes maintain a well-defined place. Rounded shapes, sometimes asymmetrical and inspired by nature, are gradually gaining ground.

The curves, the round shapes are associated with a rather classic style. However, new trends are emerging with furniture with curved shapes and rounded corners, giving interiors a retro touch. They are joined by arches, rounded lighting pieces and accessories whose patterns recall the waves of the sea. These are very present in retro or shabby chic interior decoration , but if you prefer minimalism and decoration in Scandinavian style , there are various pieces of furniture with curved lines and a reinterpreted design to successfully complete the puzzle of a modern decoration.

For a Scandinavian interior decoration, opt for furniture in natural materials such as wood, stone or marble, warm textiles, neutral colors (gray, blue, beige, pastels) and minimalist or geometric prints.

Style and materials

Fall decoration trends

Natural textures are increasingly being used in interiors as they create a relaxed and warm space, especially when chosen in neutral colors like cream, beige or grey. Wood, stone and rattan (eco-style finishes) are also very trendy. Natural and organic materials, wooden finishes and objects made of clay or wicker, natural stone supports, linen, wool or silk fabrics are popular.

Natural wood remains more popular than ever, especially since in addition to its durability, wood is a healthy and versatile material that always creates a feeling of comfort. Wood brings warmth to the interior, whether it is the floor, living room furniture or even a wall. When it comes to furniture, the focus will be on modular and multi-functional pieces that can be used for multiple purposes.

The ethnic style

Ethnic decoration

Specialists recommend opting for ethnic-style furniture. Rattan chairs and bamboo items will look great. The trend for rattan furniture and bamboo finishes is gaining momentum in indoor spaces, not just outdoors. In the same idea of ​​combining wood, you can skip furniture sets and opt for the mix&match style that has defined interior design trends in recent years.

For high-tech style interiors, chairs and tables made of transparent plastic or glass are best suited. Transparent furniture does not clutter the interior with unnecessary details and creates the effect of spaciousness. Crystals and stones are nothing new and if you combine them with wooden decorations, your room will be full of good energy and look great anyway. Buying furniture from a company that uses ethical sources for its raw materials also has a major benefit in terms of sustainability. While plastics and particle board can be heavily processed and filled with chemicals, wood as a raw material is much more naturally processed and does not undergo as many chemical treatments.

Comfort, convenience and color

fall decorating trends

Here are the trends that will be very strong for the fall season. It’s been predicted that muted terracotta hues will be all the rage this year. It looks like the terracotta trend is turning into a fall color palette of warm, simple tones.

Tile is a great choice for adding warmth and comfort to your home, all year round. Fall’s bright orange or a mix of orange and brown also radiates warmth and pairs well with other neutrals like gray and sandy tones.

For many of us, dusting off old frames, candlesticks, vases, or even furniture can bring a sense of security from the past. Vintage furniture, combined with more contemporary pieces and a touch of humor, reduce the appearance of too direct a reference to a particular period.

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