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Blue Bedroom Best Design Ideas, Color Combination Options

The blue color is traditionally associated with the sky, clouds, freshness, coolness, freedom, and lightness. This gentle and deep color is great for the interior of the bedroom: it soothes, helps to relax and fall asleep, and increases the level of working capacity. Here are Blue Bedroom Best Design Ideas, and Color Combination Options.


  1. Bedroom in blue
  2. Blue wallpaper in the bedroom
  3. Curtains in the blue bedroom
  4. White and blue bedroom
  5. Grey-blue bedroom
  6. Beige and blue bedroom
  7. Pink and blue bedroom
  8. blue blue bedroom

Bedroom in blue: popular style

Blue has warm and cool shades in its arsenal. Which can create a special atmosphere in the bedroom: rich and dynamic or neutral and calm. The blue color fits perfectly into the stylish interiors of the bedroom. Using warm and rich shades of blue, you can decorate the interior of the bedroom in a marine style in an original way.

The combination of delicate blue color and gold trim in the interior will make the dream of an oriental-style bedroom come true. An elegant interior with a celestial blue tint in the lead role will give us a baroque style. For a cozy and soulful Provence-style bedroom, white and blue colors are ideal for finishing surfaces, furniture, and textiles.

Blue wallpaper in the bedroom

The range of wallpapers in shades of blue makes it easy to choose the right wall covering for your chosen interior style and personal preferences. Also important is the choice of wallpaper material: paper, vinyl, interlining, and textiles. Wallpapers of blue in cool shades are suitable for a bedroom located on the sunny side, while warm colors. Which are rich and bright, can create a favorable and comfortable atmosphere in any room.

Along with plain textured wallpaper without a pattern, wall coverings with various floral and plant motifs, complex patterns, and simple ornaments are very popular. Wall panels are very relevant, for example, the whole room is covered with plain blue wallpaper without a pattern, and on the section of the wall above upholstered furniture. There is a panel of wallpaper with a pattern.

Curtains in the blue bedroom

The style of the curtains for the blue bedroom is selected in accordance with the chosen style of the interior. For a baroque bedroom, heavy multi-layered curtains with a lot of decorations and accessories are suitable, and if the bedroom has a loft-style interior, minimalistic plain curtains. As for the color of the curtains, the window area must be highlighted using lighter or darker shades of blue. A universal option for a room in any color is snow-white curtains or tulle.

If the walls are plain wallpaper without a pattern. You can choose curtains with decorations in the form of ornaments, patterns, flowers, and plants. Conversely, wallpaper with prints or patterns will perfectly complement plain curtains. For the bedroom, the issue of creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to provide blinds, Roman blinds, and roller blinds, with which you can afford to relax comfortably at any time of the day.

White and blue bedroom

A clean, airy, magical bedroom interior in white and blue colors will not leave anyone indifferent. White color is harmoniously combined with warm and cold shades of blue. Each new combination of white and blue shades creates a completely new and special atmosphere. For example, white and pale blue is a classic, calm version of the interior.

A completely different bright and dynamic impression will be created by the combination of white and bright blue in the interior of the bedroom. The interior will be original with white surfaces and bright blue accents in the form of curtains, upholstered furniture, textiles, and various accessories.

Grey-blue bedroom

When choosing such a color scheme for the bedroom, you should decide what result should be obtained, cold and austere or warm and soft. In the first case, we choose the appropriate cold shades, for example, smoky gray, Marengo, and monsoon in combination with light blue, sky, and cornflower blue.

If the end result of interior design needs to radiate warmth and light, then choose warm shades of gray and blue. The gray-blue bedroom is the best option for shabby chic, loft, and vintage styles.

Beige and blue bedroom

This combination in the interior of the bedroom is distinguished by particular sophistication, tenderness, and elegance. Turquoise, aquamarine, heavenly in combination with creamy, creamy, caramel creates a special romantic, sophisticated and soft atmosphere. The beige-blue interior is perfect for a small bedroom, light and airy shades will visually increase the space of the room.

It would be appropriate to complement the bedroom in selected classic shades with bright accents in the color of young grass, rich yellow, noble coral, raspberry, and caramel colors. Blue and beige are successfully used in classic, modern, nautical, and country styles.

Pink and blue bedroom

A bedroom with pink and blue finishes, furniture, and textiles is a special romantic and incredibly delicate interior for subtle spiritual natures. Quite often, such a design solution is embodied in a children’s bedroom for a girl. Warm, deep shades can be diluted with a few accents of bright pink. Light blue wallpapers with pink floral prints and white furniture look very nice in the interior of the bedroom. The harmonious combination is ideal for classic and neoclassical interior styles.

Blue blue bedroom

Close shades in interior design always look perfect, stylish, and beautiful. Design experts recommend diluting the blue-blue play of colors in the bedroom with white details. Such as ceiling trim, wall panels, furniture elements, lighting fixtures, curtains, or tulle. The blue and blue design of the children’s bedroom is ideal for the future man.

A bedroom is a place for rest, sleep, and replenishment of vitality. Blue color, based on its characteristics, contributes to the satisfaction of such vital needs. Therefore, we can safely recommend a bedroom in blue as a beautiful and comfortable place for a full life and quality rest.

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