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Kitchen Dining Room Design Trends and Rules For An Ideal Interior

Functionality, ergonomics, environmental friendliness, and comfort are the main and integral qualities of modern interior design. One way to acquire such qualities is to combine rooms, in particular, the kitchen and dining room. Here are some Kitchen Dining Room Design Trends and Rules For An Ideal Interior.


  1. General trends
  2. Kitchen-dining-living room
  3. Furniture for the kitchen-dining room 
  4. Lighting in the kitchen-dining room
  5. Current color palette
  6. Popular styles

Fashion trends in the design of the kitchen combined with the dining room

When combining two rooms, the issue of proper zoning of space is extremely relevant. For the kitchen-dining room, it is important to highlight the functional cooking area and the comfortable seating area. You can visually zone the kitchen-dining room using various design tricks and techniques:

  • Accent wall decoration
  • Decorating the dining area,
  • Use of partitions and screens,
  • Creating a podium to delimit the territory,
  • Zoning with lighting fixtures,
  • Separation of the combined room through furniture: tables, cabinets, shelving.

Kitchen-dining-living room design

Combined in one room, the kitchen, dining room, and living room are favorably distinguished by their stylish and unusual design, furnishings, and spacious and conducive atmosphere for communication over a delicious meal. There are many creative and beautiful design options for the kitchen-dining-living room. It is not particularly difficult to equip a combined room in a spacious private house or apartment with a large area. More difficult will be the process of organizing a combined space in standard apartment buildings.

To increase the usable area in the presence of a balcony, loggia, or bay window. You can use them as a guest or dining area. It is possible to install a compact and spacious bar counter or an island module with closed storage systems.

A small combined room can be zoned using small columns or arched structures. The delimitation of space is also available in the floor version by creating a podium. By the way, the podium can be equipped with additional storage space or spectacular lighting.

Furniture for the kitchen-dining room

Mandatory furniture attributes of the kitchen-dining room are a kitchen and dining table, a set of cabinets, cabinets, and shelves, chairs. The minimum furniture set, of course, is complemented by the necessary household appliances. There are also additional multifunctional pieces of furniture and designer accessories that help to effectively zone the space and make the interior comfortable and beautiful. Most often, an island furniture module is used. Which delimits the territory of the kitchen and dining room and is equipped with additional storage systems and a beautiful surface used as a kitchen and dining table.

A furniture rack with decorative dishes and stylish accessories on the shelves or a two-sided TV rack looks great.

A comfortable analog of dining chairs is a soft corner on one side and a stylish panel separating the kitchen and dining areas on the other side.

Lighting in the kitchen-dining room

First of all, it is important to pay attention to safety issues, because in the kitchen, electrical and lighting fixtures can be affected by moisture. For a combined room, it is better to use several sources of artificial light, and a multi-level lighting system using new technological lighting fixtures and lamps.

Today you can choose economical and high-quality options: halogen, fluorescent, LED, dimmable and smart lamps.

The most current types of fixtures are built-in ceiling spots, spotlights and pendant lights, chandeliers, sconces, LED lighting. In the kitchen-dining room, it is imperative to place light accents, enhancing the effect of dividing the room into functional zones. Mostly, the area above the working kitchen surface and above the dining table is highlighted with light.

The current palette of colors in the interior of the kitchen-dining room

The most versatile, clean, spacious interior can be created with a predominance in the decoration decor of the kitchen-dining room in white. Lemon, yellow, green, red, and black can be used as contrasting color for accents and zoning.

Delicate, sometimes neutral, and elegant will be the harmonious interior of the kitchen-dining room in beige shades. When choosing a color palette for a kitchen-dining room, designers recommend following the basic rules:

  • Use no more than 3 colors,
  • Taking into account the chosen style of interior,
  • Llocation of natural light sources,
  • Room dimensions.

Popular interior styles for the kitchen-dining room

Among the most popular and suitable interior styles for 2 in 1 room design are the following options. The modern style of the interior of the kitchen-dining room will manifest itself in the conciseness and originality of finishing materials. The harmonious layout of the room, and the combination of manufacturability and vintage accessories.

The classic style is recognizable by the symmetrical interior made of natural materials with exquisite and noble decorations and accessories.

Perfect for a kitchen-dining room, a gentle and touching interior in the Provence style. Which is distinguished by its characteristic features, light colors in decoration and furniture, floral, animalistic motifs in decor and textiles.

An excellent choice for the design of the kitchen-dining room is a simple and cozy country-style interior with designer furniture, wood trim, natural textiles, and earthenware.

An exquisite option is an eclectic kitchen-dining room. Which will be distinguished by the unusual decor, original combinations of colors and shades, furniture, and textile design.

Interesting ideas for combining rooms and their original decoration create unique original interiors in accordance with fashion trends, high-tech innovations, and personal preferences of the owners of an apartment or house.

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