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How to boost your Wi-Fi signal in 2023

How to boost your Wi-Fi signal in 2023

The life of a modern person is difficult to imagine without Wi-Fi, How to boost your Wi-Fi signal in 2023  because it is he who makes it possible to sit on the Internet from a computer or phone anywhere in a house or apartment without using a wired connection. However, it often happens that the Wi-Fi signal is weak and you want to improve it. Therefore, in this article, we decided to tell you some great ways to help boost your Wi-Fi signal at home.


  • 1 Why Weak Wi-Fi Occurs
  • 2 How to boost your Wi-Fi signal
    • 2.1 Quality router
    • 2.2 Removing the walls
    • 2.3 Set the frequency of work
    • 2.4 Amplify the antenna
    • 2.5 Using accessories
  • 3 Conclusion
  • 4 Related videos

How to boost your Wi-Fi signal in 2023


Improving the Wi-Fi signal

How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home: Best Working Ways

Why Weak Wi-Fi Occurs

Now there are two reasons for a weak Wi-Fi signal:

  • unstable or too weak signal;
  • The data transfer speed of the router does not suit users.

Even a person who has never dealt with technology can fix each of these problems. All you have to do is read the tips and repeat everything.

Remember – you can go to the trick! For example, you can put beer to your IT neighbor and wait for her to do everything. But, there is a problem – not everyone has programmer neighbors. And if they are not there, you will have to clench your strength into a fist and read what we wrote in this article.

How to boost your Wi-Fi signal

Let’s highlight 5 ways that will help each person to strengthen the wireless Internet in their apartment:

Quality router

Quite often it happens that a person bought a router 7-10 years ago and now wants to achieve performance from it. At that time, there were completely different norms, and such default routers cannot give a good signal. Therefore, if the signal in your house is too weak, you should look at your router. If he is too old, you can ask yourself a question: maybe it’s time to buy a normal router and not hold back money, then the signal will be normal? – but, all this has taken us away from the topic. In fact, the signal may be weak for other reasons, so let’s look at how to strengthen it.

We remove the walls

The average range of the router is 60 meters. This is a normal value and should be avoided. If one wall enters the range, the signal is reduced by 5 meters. Therefore, to amplify the signal, it is necessary to place the router in the very center of the room, then it will be possible to evenly distribute it.

Set the operating frequency

Note that this method is only suitable for apartment buildings, in the private sector there is no common sense to use it, since the default default settings are considered optimal.

Not every person knows that a router can operate at 13 frequencies at once. As a rule, in apartment buildings they begin to compete at a certain frequency, so the signal becomes weaker. To fix this, you need to go to the modem settings and change the frequency of the work. Don’t know how to do it? – just open the user manual or YouTube, everything is there.

You can also install a special inSSIDer program that will do everything without going into the settings. Such a program is paid, so you have to spend time looking for the keys, we have them, but we cannot give them – this is illegal, the Internet will help you.

Amplify the antenna

Now you can effort the antenna of the router yourself. There are several ways:

  1. You can hang tin cans.
  2. Wrap foil.
  3. Additionally, connect homemade antennas.

Antennas for the router

Additional antennas on the router are complete nonsense and a waste of time

But let’s be honest – it’s all useless and does not make any sense. After all, now you can easily buy a Wi-Fi antenna with gain and forget about all possible problems. Such antennas can be found on many popular sites in our territory, so you will not have any problems. Note that this solution is the most optimal, because the average coefficient of operation of a standard antenna is 2 dBi, and an amplified antenna is 10 dBi or more.

Use of additional equipment

In fact, strengthening the Wi-Fi signal in modern conditions is not at all difficult. For example, in addition, you can install another access point (signal repeater) in your home. The price is the same as that of the router and you can solve many problems.


You can now find even more ways online to help you boost your wireless signal, but does it make sense? We have given 5 of the most popular ways that really work and do not just talk about heavy formulas. If you have even easier ways, write them in the comments, let’s help other users together.

WiFi Distributor

Wi-Fi Distributor is the best solution

Now you know what methods exist to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal. If you know a method that is not listed in this article, then share it in the comments.

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