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Bedroom Decor Lots of Trendy Design Ideas

The final stage of the interior design of the bedroom is the choice, it is possible to make it yourself, and the placement of the original decor. Which can be represented by objects and accessories made from different materials, in different colors and unique techniques. Here are Bedroom Decor Lots of Trendy Design Ideas


  1. Decor options in the bedroom
  2. Wall decor in the bedroom
  3. Bedroom window decor
  4. Shelf decor in the bedroom
  5. Bedroom bed decor
  6. Decor above the bed in the bedroom

Decor options in the bedroom

Before proceeding with the choice of decor for the bedroom. It is important to decide which idea and interior style will combine the details and interior items. The decor must be chosen so that it harmoniously combines with the interior decoration of the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, and textiles. Today there are quite a lot varieties of decor, marble, stone, gypsum, stucco, 3D wallpapers and photo wallpapers, highlights, paintings, figurines, watches, mirrors, lamps, and candlesticks, stylish handmade accessories.

Wall decor in the bedroom

The bedroom is a special room, the main function of which is sleep and relaxation. Therefore, all decorative elements should contribute to the creation of a favorable atmosphere for a full-fledged process of restoring vitality. First, choose your favorite color for wall decoration. Absolute favorites are white and light colors. It is worth paying attention to the meaning of other colors: orange helps in achieving success and exudes optimism, red in moderation will give a feeling of contentment and well-being, and yellow awakens creativity. Calm blue, refreshing green, and delicate pink are appropriate for wall decor.

Next, we decide on the materials for decorating the walls of the bedroom. It can be painting, decorative plaster, wallpaper, including 3D, or wood panels.

And the decor stage itself in various ways and objects: a large do-it-yourself wall clock. A mirror wall or a mirror in an original stylish frame, vinyl stickers with funny inscriptions or drawings, a soft or brick wall, textile decoration, and many other creative ideas.

Bedroom window decor

You can decorate the window in the bedroom in several affordable, but very effective ways. Perhaps the most common option is curtains. And here the question of choosing a harmonious color is important. White for neutral and bright interiors, black for spacious bedrooms, beige for any interior, and bright colors for unusual design ideas.

Next, we determine the type of curtains suitable for the bedroom interior. Two long canvases, short curtains, Roman blinds, a lambrequin, heavy curtains with tulle, and practical roller blinds.

Often in the bedroom, there is an exit to the balcony, in this case, Japanese or Roman curtains, cafe curtains are ideal.

In modern interior design, window decor without curtains is actively used: they are replaced by frosted or stained glass window panes, decorative stickers, beads of various shapes, colors, and sizes, felt decorations made by yourself, indoor flowers in pots and hanging planters. In a small bedroom, a window sill is often used as a desk, shelf, and even a small sofa with a wonderful view from the window.

Shelf decor in the bedroom

Shelves are small but multifunctional pieces of furniture that almost no room can do without. Shelves for the bedroom are very diverse. One of the types is small shelves for books, cosmetics, and accessories above the bedside tables.

A multifunctional and stylish solution is the wall in the bedroom, decorated with practical and convenient hanging shelves. This type of shelves can be placed pointwise in places convenient for the owners of the bedroom. If there is a niche in the bedroom. Then it is very correct and useful from the point of view of the efficient use of space to fill it with shelves.

A beautiful and original look of wall-mounted storage systems long horizontal shelves above the head of the bed with a backlight. For a spacious bedroom, shelving is perfect for small open shelves located from the floor to the ceiling or the middle of the wall. Compact, but capacious whatnots are a laconic, practical mobile type of shelves. They can be placed in any part of the room.

Bedroom bed decor

Well-known materials and methods will help us decorate the bed in the bedroom. The headboard is stylishly decorated with wood, bamboo, leather, textiles and pillows, fur, suede, leatherette, velour, decorative and natural stone, and forged metal elements.

The shape of the bed can be different: square, rectangular, oval, and even round. The legs or the former of the bed can also be made in an original and unusual way. A chic and fabulous version of a bed with a canopy or headboard made of voluminous soft panels.

Decor above the bed in the bedroom

The decor above the head of the bed looks great and inspires, and stylistically completes the interior of the bedroom. What types of decor above the bed are popular today? The most affordable and popular option is paintings, posters, and drawing through a stencil. A spectacular and visually expanding space reception is a mirror or a mirror panel above the bed in the bedroom.

For certain interior styles, a carpet with simple geometric motifs will be appropriate decor above the bed.

Very beautiful, realistic decor, which is easy to do on your own, but of high quality photo wallpaper or 3D wallpaper.

Chic, shine, and sophistication in the bedroom is the wall above the bed, immersed in soft wall panels of incredibly deep and rich colors.

In the trend, accent walls above the bed in wood paneling or laminate. A stylish option is a real brick wall or a high-quality analog as a spectacular accent above the bed.

It turns out that you can decorate a bedroom beautifully and stylishly with the help of various materials, methods, tools, and techniques. The main thing in the decor of the bedroom, no matter how complex, unusual, or stylish, is that the end result pleases and inspires those who own it!

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