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How to decorate a house with carpets

Carpets and rugs in the Scandinavian interior

It is hard to imagine a Scandinavian interior without carpets, just as it is difficult to imagine a Swede who does not like coffee. Fluffy bedside rugs, lint-free flooring in the living room, textile runners in the kitchen – a carpet will be appropriate in every room. There are several tips to help you choose the right coating for a harmonious interior.

Soft carpets for nursery and bedroom

A large carpet is more practical than carpeting, which is difficult to replace and wash. Therefore, in Scandinavian interiors, the floor is not covered with carpet from wall to wall. But a soft carpet performs several functions: it gives a warm and pleasant coating for the feet, visually corrects the size of the room and creates comfort.

Whether you wake up right after your alarm or get up slowly in the morning, your feet feel better when they step on something soft and fluffy. We recommend choosing soft, long pile carpets for the bedroom. It can be two bedside rugs or one large carpet on which the bed stands. Place it so that the edges protrude 50-60 cm on three sides of the bed.

For a harmonious interior, choose a carpet in the same color scheme that is already used in other decor items. The shade of the carpet can echo the curtains or the upholstery of the chair.

Carpet in living room and kitchen

In an open-plan kitchen-living room, carpet helps define boundaries and make a large space feel cozier. For a seating area with a sofa and two armchairs, choose a carpet up to 2 meters so that its edges are half covered by the sofa.

If the carpet highlights the dining area, then its size should be at least 60 cm larger than the table on each side. To create a beautiful composition, choose a rug in the same shape as the dining table – if the table is rectangular, then the rug is also rectangular.

There is a place for carpet in the kitchen. Lay a Nordic-patterned textile runner along your work area – it’s nice to stand barefoot on it when you brew coffee in the morning.

For compact spaces, choose small rugs. And vice versa – a large carpet looks better in a spacious living room.

Carpets in other rooms

Coatings with different textures and palettes can be laid at the entrance to the apartment, in the bathroom and toilet, in the hallway and dressing room. There are many options: carpets with a high and fluffy pile, lint-free mats made from natural fibers, felt carpets, textile runners, woven rugs – you can’t spoil a Scandinavian interior with carpets. 

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