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interior Design Trends in 2022

New Year in design will strengthen the love for unique objects, natural materials and natural motifs. The interior of the next season reflects the desire for harmony between beauty and practicality and the desire to be closer to nature. interior Design Trends in 2022 We have collected the main forecasts of designers about what the interior will look like in 2022.

interior Design Trends in 2022

closeness to nature

Even in the most comfortable city apartment, residents want to feel connected to nature. The desire to be in close contact with the outside world is expressed in the interior as follows:

More natural light. Panoramic windows, balconies, terraces, open curtains – we use every opportunity to let in more light and erase the boundaries between the house and the street. 

Lots of greenery. A modern city apartment is already inconceivable without living decor: green plants, home greenhouses, phytowalls.

Balconies as part of the living space . The question of whether it is necessary to decorate a balcony is not even worth it – it is definitely necessary. Balconies are transformed into workrooms and gyms, but most often into a recreation area richly decorated with green plants. 

natural colors. All color trends are somehow connected with the natural palette. Earthy hues, the color of blue skies, bright sun, fertile soil, fresh greenery give peace, a sense of security and serenity.

The trend is everything that gives us the opportunity to be closer to nature, being in a city apartment: plants, colors, materials, prints on textiles

Ergonomics and practicality

Modern design rids the interiors of everything redundant and useless. Large kitchen-living rooms, multifunctional spaces, equipped balconies, competent zoning – everything in the apartment should be subordinated to the convenience of a person. It is not for nothing that the fashion for ordering and organizing space has captured interior blogs. The harmony of beauty and functionality reigns, and one should not be at the expense of the other. Thinking through the layout and interior design now, we rely on solutions that will remain relevant in five years.

sustainable design

The trend towards environmental friendliness will remain for a long time as a reflection of the course towards sustainable development in society. Natural materials are chosen not only because of their high quality and for the sake of comfort, but also from the point of view of ethics. It becomes important what is behind the production of the product: how, where, by whom and from what it was made. Therefore, more and more buyers prefer local small producers and craft workshops, rather than the mass market. Companies that broadcast a conscious attitude to resources are a priority. 

Sustainable design is expressed in natural colors and materials, warm textures, saturation of rooms with light and air, and the use of recycled materials. The interior contains living plants, wood and rattan furniture, raw linen textiles, handmade carpets. Craft, that is, made by hand, is becoming the main definition for decor items.

Natural materials have long settled in interiors, but this year the emphasis will be on the emphasized naturalness of textures. This can be seen on the example of the natural pattern of wood, unpainted linen textiles, unglazed ceramics, broken proportions.

Smart Design

While we want to be closer to nature more and more, the house is becoming more technologically advanced. A work desk and bedside tables with wireless charging, a shower faucet with lighting and a radio, smart furniture, a coffee machine and a slow cooker with a delayed start, voice control of appliances and an air purification system become the basic content of the house. 

trend colors

gray and yellow

The Panton Institute has announced the main shade of 2021, even two. The first is flawless gray (“Ultimate Gray”), and a sunny shade called “Illuminating” (“Illuminating”). According to Pantone, these colors are associated with strength of mind and optimism, give us resilience and hope.

straw shade

Other interpretations of yellow are also in trend, for example, a shade of straw or sand. They go well with other shades of the natural palette: green, gray, terracotta, blue – and look harmoniously both as a background in decoration, and in accessories and furniture. 

earthy palette

The natural palette will settle into the house thoroughly, especially its earthy hues, which range from light to intensely dark. Brown, beige, terracotta, bronze are responsible for comfort and go well with natural wood items. Several paint brands have chosen earthy tones as their color of the year, citing the desire to create a serene, calm, relaxed and natural atmosphere in the home. 


Shades of blue and blue are interior classics, and it is also the color of hope and confidence that after the rain a clear sky opens, experts at Tikkurila say. Blue color also belongs to the natural palette, it gives the interior airiness and coolness. In the next season, it will be found in muted cold shades of blue-blue palette, reminiscent of the northern nature.

Space customization

The trendy interior is adapted to our needs and created in accordance with our idea of ​​​​beautiful and comfortable. Therefore, the global trend towards personalization of space continues to grow stronger. One can clearly observe the shift from pure styles to eclecticism, experimentation, mixing and matching. This can be seen in the demand for handmade items, be it furniture or dishes, the trend for piece items created to order. Designers even offer to buy sets not as a ready-made set, but assembled from different sets.

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