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Modern bedroom in Indian style – the mysterious East, giving strength and unusual interior

Indian style is mainly associated with the splendor and richness of interiors. Intriguing design, accessories, play of light and scents can become a real paradise. An Indian style bedroom is a great change for those who love bright colors and unconventional patterns.

Lighting and fragrances – the aura of the interior

In an Indian-style bedroom, there are no specific rules for the play of light that will bring a unique atmosphere. The lamps should have interesting lampshades and the light itself should be warm and pleasant to create a cozy atmosphere filled with secrets. To enhance the effect, it is necessary to use different types of colored scented candles. When choosing fragrances, you need to remember about the tempting incense, without which the Indian-style bedroom has no right to exist. Therefore, the sale of aromatic products is so popular, and the Orlando-M store, which sells fragrances for the apartment, has a large selection of them. Everyone can choose to their liking.

Where to start?

Arranging an Indian-style bedroom can seem quite daunting at first. Too much information, lack of a specific concept, and too many ideas can lead to confusion. Therefore, you need to carefully plan every step and something worth knowing about the perfect interior from Bollywood.

The Far East is characterized by bright colors, among which the most intense reds and all its derivative shades dominate. However, the choice on red should not end. In the interior, you can see the benefits of yellow, turquoise, pink and even gold. It is important that all the shades that will be added to the interior of the bedroom are intense and highly saturated. This is the key to success.

What do you need to pay attention to?

In each bedroom, the central part is always occupied by the bed. In the Indian style, besides this, it is also very large, very soft, and attractive. Bedding is also important. In this case, glossy silk or satin is best. The right palette of colors is of great importance – it must be full of energy and dynamics. The bed literally dazzles everyone with its colors, from which it is difficult to take your eyes off. There is no place for classics here. Everything here should be amazing, and even more! It is necessary to use a large amount of tulle or muslin, which will perfectly complement the interior and create an Indian atmosphere.

After choosing a bed, do not forget about the right choice of furniture for it. All exotic wood species are welcome: rosewood, mahogany, teak. Dressers, wardrobe or table should be massive and not associated with minimalism. It is worth choosing furniture with a heavy design. You can also try to decorate it with elements that look like the exact, handmade work of a master.

All types of pouffes can be added to furniture – the more the better. The key success is their random placement throughout the bedroom. There must be chaos in this regard, but it is controlled!

Don’t Forget About Indian Style Accessories

Decorations are a separate theme of the Indian-style bedroom. Thanks to them, you can create your own unusual character and make it the most interesting place in your house or apartment, ideal for rest and relaxation after a long day. Ornaments can be seen literally in every corner of the bedroom. As on pillows, bedding, carpet, and on curtains and wallpaper.

In addition to the interior, heavy and massive objects can be placed: all kinds of pots, planters, wooden chests in which you can store essentials and accessories. Also, you can place small boxes on a table or chest of drawers. They will be the perfect place to store jewelry and other treasures. As stylistic objects, you need to use all kinds of sculptures, similar to figures from the Far East.

The most famous of them is the Buddha. The Indian style is characterized by the image of a cow, which symbolizes Mother Earth. And also, you can include Ganesha – the figure of the God of wisdom. Ganesha resembles a gloomy man with the head of an elephant. An ideal completion of the interior will be an elephant figurine.

Photos of modern Indian style bedroom


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