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KidVillage Designer Beds

The KidVillage children’s furniture factory today is a small but well-equipped production facility and an inspired team of professionals. Each of our products is unique and created with an individual approach, this is our difference from large mass production factories, where products are “stamped” according to one template and standard parameters.

Where did it all start ?

In 2010, the future head of the KidVillage project Artyom Shamkov, being the father of four kids, came up with the idea of ​​organizing a children’s bedroom. When it came to the choice of cribs, it became obvious that the range of most factories comes down to a wide range of laminated chipboard, which the father of many children considered unacceptable for a nursery. And beds made of natural wood were not pleased with the variety. It was difficult to find a product that meets all needs, since in a family with a large number of children there are slightly different “laws” for organizing free space, every centimeter of the room is expensive. At the same time, all babies should be comfortable, comfortable and safe. Artyom’s wife, one of whose main activities was 3D design, created a project of future cribs with her own hands, taking into account all the elements they needed. Including sizes, colors,

Then it remained to establish production, study carpentry, and find specialists. As a result, there was a meeting with an experienced team of professional carpenters from the city of Rzhev. Having personally got acquainted with the team, equipment and production organization, Artyom came up with the idea of ​​combining two professional areas: the design and manufacture of premium children’s furniture as the best result for everyone. And the delight that the children experienced when they saw their nursery finally inspired the family to continue.


We experimented a lot with different designs, ideas, materials. The assortment that we currently have is the result of hard work, we have selected the most interesting ideas for children’s furniture.

At first, they learned about us from satisfied friends and acquaintances, little by little the number of calls and orders grew in social networks Our site appeared not so long ago – in 2017, when the volume of requests could no longer be processed “manually”. We are trusted, including the stars of show business, and we are very grateful to each client for their trust. Special thanks to our first customers, they helped us develop and grow!

Why Premium ?

We came to this segment based on our priorities in work: using only the highest quality materials and components, we decided to create a truly perfect product in terms of quality. And we succeed. proud of it.

One of the main principles of our work is the highest quality in everything : solid wood purchased from a proven and certified supplier for years has no defects, knots, cracks, chips and meets the highest quality standard (premium class). The production is equipped with very modern and expensive equipment from Japan, Germany, the USA, which provides an absolutely accurate calculation of every detail, joint, fastening and perfect wood processing.

The team of carpenters consists of people with many years of experience, including international. One of our team members worked in Spain for 5 years by invitation and gained extensive knowledge in the field of European furniture production, which was successfully implemented in our country.
Coatings that we use for furniture are purchased in Germany and Italy and have all the necessary European environmental and fire safety certificates.

Accessories of German, Austrian and Russian production, used in our products, are selected according to the principle of quality.

The used reinforced fastening of parts to the dowel is made by us from oak, this guarantees maximum strength and reliability of our products.

Our team approaches the production of absolutely any product with love for their work, we really put a piece of our soul into each of your orders. We are responsible for the quality of each produced unit.

KidVillage Designer Children’s Beds

Over time, due to the ever-growing flow of requests for high-quality designer furniture, the main activity of our factory has become the production of children’s furniture according to individual projects. Nowadays, people have access to almost limitless possibilities for implementing the design of a nursery. Any styles, colors, decor details! At the same time, furniture remains the main style component of the children’s room. We are approached both with a request to implement an existing design project, and for its development.


How do we create children’s project ?

From the moment of conception to implementation in the children’s project “lives” a lifetime. We sensitively listen to all your wishes and ideas, trying to clarify as many details as possible for the visualization closest to your ideas. In the process of creating a 3D model, our designer is in constant contact with the customer, helping with the selection of certain details of the project. We take into account all possible features of the future product so that the design and implementation process is as efficient and accurate as possible. Our team will select the best options for materials, textures and accessories based on your wishes and budget. Also, we always strive to create the most functional product, so we ourselves will offer you the most suitable additions.

After the visualization is ready and you are already in anticipation of seeing it live, the project goes through an engineering safety check. Further, after the formalities of concluding a contract, the project enters production and the time comes for your anxious waiting =) Believe me, you will see that it is worth it!

Delivery and installation

Our installers always arrive on time! Date and time of delivery are discussed in advance. Unloading is carried out very carefully, and installation is carried out carefully and quickly. After the brigade it is always clean, and our clients always note the tact and politeness of the guys.


Initially KidVillage as an ideaoriginated as an alternative to furniture giants with mass production of standard cribs. When there was a noticeable increase in new customers, especially those who are interested in our products, there was a temptation to increase the area, staff, and increase production volume. But we still remained true to our idea and decided to keep our small factory with its already traditionally established values: an individual approach to each client, a responsible attitude to the production process, a creative and sensitive approach to design. This does not mean that we stand still. We are in constant search and interesting ideas and development. In the future, a network of showrooms is planned so that everyone has the opportunity to appreciate the quality of our best models!

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