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Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

Not every apartment with several rooms can be considered spacious and comfortable. Ideas for planning a three-room apartment For a comfortable stay of a family of several people, the rooms should be separated and isolated. The main feature of the layout of the three-room apartment is the availability of access space. If there is not enough space, create studies by removing partitions. Such an arrangement can also be a planned project in new buildings of large cities such as St. Petersburg, Orel and Moscow, many in the Moscow region. Typical layouts can be very diverse – open, mixed, adjacent. By placing windows, they can be divided into end windows, “vests”, linear.


Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

Variety of schedules

In accordance with the type of houses and their territorial location, there are several types of p-3m floor plans. The possibility of arranging rooms separately depends on the year of construction of the building and its material. The fire on the square plate in Khrushchev is very bad. The rooms are small with an inconvenient location. Thin walls and a combined bathroom negatively affect the popularity of such a location. But some old buildings have quite spacious halls, long corridors and high ceilings.

Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

In Stalin

The beginning of the construction of such houses dates back to the 50s. Five-story brick buildings with an improved layout were considered status housing at the time. They were built all over the Union. They could be seen in Minsk, Gomel, Orel, Kharkiv, Bobruisk and other cities. The main features of the three-room stalinka are a high ceiling (3-4 meters), a separate bathroom, and isolated rooms.

The area of ​​the apartment depends on the number of floors of the building. They basically have three floors. Features include wide window sills, the presence of pantries. Ceilings can be concrete, wooden or mixed. Advantages include a convenient location, mostly in the center of large cities, good sound insulation.
Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

In Khrushchev Such houses were built from the end of the 50s to the 1980s. During that time, they were refined, modified. The appearance of the three-room housing of the earlier versions was not comfortable. The ceilings were low, the rooms were very small. The walls of the panel five-story buildings were poorly insulated, the rooms of the residential buildings are adjacent and with a small square footage.

In the late 70s, the active construction of the 9-story Khrushchev took place according to a special program of 53 m² Brick and slab buildings began to improve, the ceilings reached 2.64 m. Due to the removal of the load from the internal partitions, it became possible to rearrange the rectangular rooms.

Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

In Brezhnevka Average three-room apartments were considered improved Khrushchev projects. They were characterized by large windows, the presence of niches and mezzanines in the hallway or above the interior doors. The area of ​​all rooms is from 48 m 2  to 56.2 m 2 . The advantages of this type of building include good waterproofing of bathrooms, mostly brick construction, and the presence of spacious loggias.

Some brezhnevkas have an improved layout, they have undergone renovation. In the “tower” houses, the kitchens are very large. Their footage is up to 10 m 2 . A built-in wardrobe can make a narrow hallway functional and visually enlarge it. If living conditions can be improved only by conversion, all actions must be coordinated. After you have received the appropriate permission, you can make an elite, comfortable housing out of the old Brezhnevka, combine several rooms.
Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

When you plan to demolish the walls in the bathroom, it is necessary to understand that all plumbing items must remain in the places that the architect determined at the drawing stage. Otherwise, a high probability of flooding.

Layout in modern buildings

Modern plans of monolithic new buildings are significantly different from the location in Brezhnevka or Khrushchev. The rapid development of construction has affected the quality of real estate being built. Pass-through rooms are rare, and corner apartments have good external insulation. There is enough free space to create different functional zones in many series of houses, for example, 515 / 9sh, 504, 511, 464, 467, ii-18/12.
Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

Advantages and disadvantages

Appearance characteristics depend on the type of structure. A modern apartment of the 100, 135, 103, 119, 1605, 602, 121, 137, ii-49 series can look like a studio, a partial studio with one partition, a “vest”. The advantages of this arrangement include the following factors: High level of comfort. In many apartments, living rooms are not adjacent to elevators, trash cans; Free layout in new buildings allows you to allocate space at the discretion of the residents; Convenient location of the kitchen. There is no attachment to the place of household appliances and gas stoves; Recasting an inactive procedure. You can easily turn a three-bedroom into a two-bedroom without coordinating with BTI; A two-sided arrangement, panoramic windows, balcony-terrace is possible.

Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

The main disadvantage of planning 65.4 in modern homes is the awkward geometry. There are often trapezoidal rooms, with corners, round walls on one side, columns and other features. Minuses include a non-functional and uncomfortable corridor. Due to the large number of doors in different rooms, it is difficult to use and equip.

Layout of rooms

Houses built since 1992 can be considered modern buildings. The area of ​​the cod has been increased to 60 m2. Spacious balconies appeared that gathered several rooms, isolated loggias. If the location of the apartment is corner, one of the rooms is led, which increases its square footage. Czech women, Lithuanian designs or Polish women are more practical. Due to the successful location of the pantry, it is possible to expand the corridor. If necessary, you can make a well-designed four-room apartment out of simple cod. The layout of the new buildings in the microscope of Leventsovka is very diverse. Free studies are the best. They allow you to show your imagination during decoration, in order to create real comfort in spacious rooms. The design of business class apartments in Bobruisk allows for a favorable ratio of the total area and the size of all rooms.

Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

The layout of the rooms in the Vulikh tower and similar rooms from the ii-68 ama or “ship” series suggests complete isolation of the rooms. Due to the absence of load-bearing walls, complete rehabilitation is possible. The problem of such buildings is the diversity of ceiling seams.

Area of ​​the apartment

Three-room apartment in a new building or according to a Czech project – a special, full-fledged type of housing for one family. Standard area from 56.2 m 2  to 68 m 2 . Sometimes there are apartments of 75 m 2.  Such apartments are located in the residential part of Bratski Padon, on the Rostov embankment. Rooms with a small area have special wiring, circuit, shield. A single-phase switchboard is installed at the entrance.

Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

The area of ​​three rubles depends on the type and material of the building, as well as the number of floors of the building. All projects have a balcony or a balcony and loggia. The exception may be the first floor. Some modern buildings are equipped with a large kitchen of 14 square meters and two bathrooms, for example, in the suburban complex Vlasov or in the Microscope Leventsovka.

How to choose and evaluate the appearance: tips and recommendations of experts The well-being and atmosphere in the family depends on the correct choice of layout before buying an apartment.

It depends on the type of construction and its sequence. The arrangement of rooms can be of several types. Open the studio by rearranging. After proper zoning, you can get a multifunctional and comfortable apartment with a large square footage. Electric wires and part of the wiring are carried on one wall. The circuit board is made in a special closed space at the entrance. Architectural plans with blunt or sharp corners can be played with appropriate furniture.

When evaluating the appearance, the acquired area is primarily taken into account. It better be the third floor. Then pay attention to the location of the rooms, their size, shape. Important information – the number of windows, presence of loggia, balcony, their size. It is immediately worth determining the load-bearing walls, the thickness of the partitions. It is necessary to calculate the distance from the front door to the elevator and the garbage chute.

It must be understood that free planning does not mean an unimpeded opportunity to destroy and install walls. All partitions must be installed strictly in accordance with the BTI plan.

Ideas for planning a three-room apartment

Layout of a three-room apartment

Almost any design is suitable for a spacious apartment. A large area is an excellent option for the realization of any daring idea. Suitable accommodation should be chosen taking into account the composition of the family. Interior doors should be of comfortable width, easy to use. They should open easily and quietly. Sliding options are often used in modern new buildings. An island or a peninsula is suitable for a spacious kitchen. It can also be used as a bar or countertop. The small living room is equipped with small furniture. If desired, the hallway can be combined with a hallway.

Sockets and switches should be enough to install all electrical devices in the room. They should be properly connected.

Ideas for planning a three-room apartment


When choosing the design of a three-room apartment, it is worth considering that one style may not be suitable for the layout of the rooms in a panel and brick house. The total area of ​​the residence is also of great importance. For minimum and medium square footage, minimalism is suitable, you can reshape the rooms at your own discretion. In large areas, you can safely implement the most original ideas, use non-standard schemes, focusing on photography.

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